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Hey everyone, first post here so take it easy on me! I’ve owned my 1994 YJ for about 2 years now, and I can’t get enough of it! Recently I’ve been having a problem with the vehicle shutting off while i’m driving, and just problems with the fire up in general. there are times where i turn on the jeep with the command start, get in, turn the key over to start driving, and the vehicle will shut off. it’s like the command start fires better than the actual key, which is quite confusing. and there are other times where the jeep starts up fine at the start, but when i’m driving, all my gauges will shut off, the vehicle will die, and i’ll coast to a stop. When i pull over on the side of the road, i’ll turn the key over to start it up again and usually it won’t. it will crank but it won’t fire. after about 5 mins on the side of the ride, eventually it will fire but it’s a very rough start. In the past, i’ve also had issues with the wiring in the past, so don’t know if this could be the problem. when there is no problems, (which there usually is 🤣) the jeep looks, feels, and sounds amazing, so just trying to get this sorted out to get her back to her usual self! have any of u guys heard of similar issues? where should i start looking from here.

Thanks! Happy to officially be apart of the forum 😀

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Ok, I got curious, and now I will never look at Command Start again, lol. Holy cow!!!

It may be as simple as this, wires feeding off of eachother.
Font Number

Here is the write up, it's got a VW Golf, but the guy that wrote It is also on another Jeep forum, these systems are fairly universal.

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