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Jeep Wreck Winners

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(My official first post)

I bought a 2020 Rubicon for many reasons. But the list of practical reasons keep growing. Living in New Orleans, I needed a vehicle to handle the unforgivable potholes and the torrential rains that have cars hiking to the median/neutral ground to find higher ground. But when a car rear ends you and that driver can't provide proof of insurance...:laugh2:


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Too bad you didn’t have a tow hitch in your receiver, it might have punctured the car that hit you, instead of flattening it. But then, that would have stressed the receiver mount, I wonder if it would survive such an impact, without bending the frame or crossmember?

They were probably messing with their cell phone, I see it all the time, people wandering out of their lane, and then jerking the wheel to correct.
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