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Also you HAVE to keep in mind a Jeep is not a regular car. If you're looking for something that you can shift into D and forget about it...move on.

ALWAYS pay attention to the gauges. Hell, hook up more gauges so you can tell trans temp, mpg...etc. You MUST do regular maintainance. Check fluids, every once in awhile check tire psi...etc.

Point is, a Jeep is not a regular car. They require someone that is willing to listen to, diagnose, fix, and maintain it. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

On another is expensive as hell for teenagers. It's at $2,000 a year for me, although I'm sure you could get a better deal if you shopped around.
Yeah, expect high insurance rates, no matter what. Especially on a Wrangler due to the lower safety ratings, and them being 4X4s. I'm 24, with one speeding ticket on my record now, and I pay about $1k a year for insurance.

If you're worried about "maintenance" on a Jeep, "older" or not, go with something else. Unless you buy a beat up and misused Jeep, maintenance will be like that to a new vehicle. Routine checks, fluid changes, pressure check and basic maintenance. Jeeps are not, "get in and go" vehicles. You need to grease the fittings and bushings every 3-5k (sometimes less depending on where you drive, and how you drive).

You can be asking for MAJOR trouble if you want to buy an already "modded" Wrangler, without knowing anything about a Wrangler at all, or even Jeeps in general. Remember, the more "add-ons" that are on the Wrangler, can also lead to a higher insurance cost too.
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