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It’s been a long process. I started out looking for a Gladiator to build the Jeep of my dreams. Then I researched more and more and found companies such as AEV and rubiTrux that built a Jeep truck out of the JK. I really liked the design they went with. The rear axle was a little more center of the bed. I saw that I could step forward and design my own. Why Not??? Still these Jeep trucks would not do what I would need. I love Jeep, but need a Heavy Duty Truck for work and daily activity. I am sold on 1 model truck configured 1 exact way. That’s the 12 Valve Cummins 4x4 with a manual transmission. There was nothing made like what I wanted. So I decided to build it. I found an amazing deal on a clear title loaded 2011 Sahara JK wrangler, and an amazing deal on a clear title 1998 dodge Cummins 12 Valve diesel manual shift 4x4 truck. The goal was to build a Jeep cab and redesign a 2006 mega cab short bed into a Jeep bed and then install them on a dodge 2500 Cummins frame. I knew the goal and set off to get there on May 14th this year and fought hard to build it. The Mississippi heat was nearly unbearable at times. I worked 10-15 hour days and 7 day weeks to meet my goal, which was to drive something out of my imagination 320 miles to Santa Rosa Beach Florida the 27th of June. I met this goal and I drove here with my family. It’s pretty fun seeing the reactions from people when they try to put together what type truck this is. I now have a Jeep truck that can do what any Heavy duty truck can do, but also can be enjoyed as a Jeep. 😎 You see, I restore antique military Jeeps. I’ve had my hands on the origin of Jeep. I have seen countless designs where people have reconfigured Jeeps how they like for themselves. I believe that’s part of what Jeep stands for. The Jeep hauled men, radio equipment, gear, Holden medical units, cannons, machine gun, and countless other things. It has shown me time and time again that Jeep is something you can do what ever you wish and imagine. I figured I’d share my interest in the Jeeps of America!
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