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We were informed that our 2000 Jeep will probably not pass inspection since we put a lift kit in. Does anyone know what the inspection laws are for this or a shop that is familiar with Jeeps in the southern NH area? Thanks!
Look on your registration. As "Body Style" it should be listed as "APURP" (but check to make sure). The law for All-Purpose vehicles as well as trucks is the suspension cannot be altered AND have a bumper height over 30" measured to where the bumper mounts to the frame.

Note the AND. You can install a lift kit. But after installing your lift, the bumper can't be over 30" off the ground.

Also remember that everything is up to the discretion of the person inspecting your vehicle. If you bring it to someone who doesn't like your jeep (even if its legal) they can say "I'm not putting my sticker on that." But legally, it should be fine. You have to go pretty damn big in a jeep to have the bumper height over 30".
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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