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Jeep Wave Clarification...?

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MUST the "Jeep Wave" include Libertys, Commanders, Patriots, or Compasses? I mean, come ON! Let's be serious here folks... :)~

OR, are we limiting "the wave" to "REAL" Jeeps? ;)~ Cause every person I've ever waved, or nodded to in one of the said machines, just look at me with the following looks on their faces...or a combination of the three.

A.) I know anyone with a lifted beat up Cherokee? You just WISH you could be driving what I'm driving; you trash. (Rolls eyes.)

B.) Hey! Look at the mentally deranged person driving the same brand automobile as myself! How nice.

C.) Did I leave my fuel door open AGAIN? Did I run over a dog? Is my skirt still shut in my door? Is there an emergency vehicle approaching? How does that Jeep pass inspection? Am I on fire? Etc., etc., etc.

Just trying to clarify in jest. Not a lot of response from these drivers. Figured it was worth a mention. :)
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If the Jeep is wheeled off-road - it deserves a wave. There are some rubicons sitting out there with more weight aftermarket parts than the whole thing weight stock which have never touched a gravel road let alone gone wheeling... and there are stock Liberties and even Patriots which get wheeled regularly. If you wheel what you've got - I will wave.
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