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Jeep Expeditions
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P.O. Box 5324
Mesa Arizona, 85211

Click Here For Official Website

Contact Name:Mike
President Name:

Meeting Location:What Meetings, we meet on the trail most of the time
Meeting Date:weekends
Meeting Time:mornings


Club Type:Jeep Exclusive
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:2006
Yearly Fees:


We concentrate on weekend events and trips that last from 2 days and longer. Trips are chosen based on scenic, historic and difficulty as we try to plan most trips around stock Jeep friendly trails. A short trip would be a weekend in Sedona, on the Devils Highway, places made famous by Cochise, Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly. Longer trips of up to a week for Moab, Grand Canyon N. Rim, Death Valley, Copper Canyon Mexico, Baja Mexico and such. Over half of our annual membership dues of $40 goes to organizations that are fighting to keep our trails open such as the Arizona State Assn of 4WD Clubs, Blue Ribbon Coalition, AZ Off Highway Vehicle Coalition and United 4WD Assns to name a few. You really need to check out our 1st class website to get the total picture and learn more about us.

Enrollment Requirements
You must own and drive a Jeep vehicle on our trips and go on one trip a year with us.
Equipment Requirements
Stock Jeeps are fine with most of our trips. We do require a spill kit for in case of an oil or antifreeze spill (club has these available) , a working CB radion (not FRS) at minimum.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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