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Jeep Clube de Londrina - Brazil
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Central city square Londrina
Londrina - Paraná - Brazil , 86025730

South America
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Contact Name:Cristian
President Name:Cristian Lopes

Meeting Location:Central city square Londrina
Meeting Date:Thursday
Meeting Time:7:30


Club Type:General 4x4
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:Yes
Year Founded:1989
Yearly Fees:Free


On October 2, 1989 a group of jeeps came together to form the Jeep Club of London. On that date the first directors was formed, and President José Roberto Matos Amaral, vice president Onéssimo Mr. Francisco de Assis Filho, Secretary Mr Jorge Aurelio dos Santos, Treasurer Mr. Valdir Escapelato Magalhaes, director-social Mr. Gelson Miranda of Palua, Director Sports Mr. Raymond Cortez Ponce, director José Tarcisio Porpiglio cultural advisers and Messrs. John A. Batista Barros Neto and Laertes Aminton de Araujo.

At the time Jeep Club of London had its first headquarters located at Rua Pará, 2060 in Londrina, Parana.

In December of that year founded the London Jeep Club organized the first RAID OF LONDRINA jeeps with large participation of the region, an event that became effective date in the calendar of activities of JCL programming to this day.

On April 22, 2010 as President and Mr. Cristian Lopes de Souza, the then mayor Homero Barbosa Neto, through Law 10 904 per bill no. 053/2010 authored by councilor Lawrence declares Roberto Fú Public Utility Jeep Clube de Londrina.

The Jeep Club of London is a civil non-profit public utility that performs its activities without discrimination or attachment to political parties or religious beliefs.


Promote integration and friendship through the practice of sport Off-Road.


The fundamental objective of the Jeep Club of London is to stimulate, organize sport Off-Road 4x4, and disseminate the activities related to it among its members and society as a whole and undertake the defense of a social environment just and ecologically balanced.

Enrollment Requirements
Love 4x4
Equipment Requirements
Adventurous spirit
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