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Jeep Club RSA -- Pretoria

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Jeep Club RSA
Building House Automotive tire Asphalt City

Pretoria , 0001

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Contact Name:Giel van Niekerk
President Name:Giel van Niekerk

Meeting Location:POMC clubhouse in Silverton
Meeting Date:20 January 2008
Meeting Time:11H30


Club Type:Jeep Exclusive
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:Yes
Year Founded:1976
Yearly Fees:ZAR250


How did the Jeep Club RSA originate and what was the reason for establishing the Club? To answer this question we have to give you a bit of condensed history.

In September 1976 the former S.A. Jeep Club was established as a non-profitable organisation to promote the interests of "Jeep Owners" in South Africa.

Due to the decline in numbers of Jeeps in South Africa and the growing interest in four wheel drive vehicles for recreational purposes the Club later decided to open it's membership to all types of four wheel drive vehicles.

During 2002 it was decided that the S.A. Jeep Club must be restructured to accommodate the ever-growing population of 4x4 owners and hence the name was changed to the 4x4ATV Organisation to promote the interest of all 4x4 owners in South Africa and accommodate all manufactures involved in this market.

Since 2003 the Jeep Division 4x4ATV Organisation thus had the opportunity to revert to its original main objective namely to promote the interest of club members, owners of vehicles with the trade name "JEEP" or "WILLYS", within the 4x4ATV Organisation.

Owing to the re-establishment of Chrysler Jeep in South Africa in 1996, Jeep numbers have grown dramatically.

In April 2005 it was decided that a new Jeep Club, operating as an independent club catering for Jeep Owners only, must be re-established. The organising committee of the Jeep Division 4X4ATV Organisation resigned, the Jeep Division ceased to exist and the Jeep Club RSA was registered in May 2005.

The Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Division Daimler Chrysler acknowledged the usage of the name Jeep Club RSA and the logo, insisting that the Jeep Club RSA and logo is used purely for the advantage of Jeep vehicles and other brand extensions.
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