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I do not want to start a debate on ecology. I chose to make an electric jeep for the challenge.
I love the idea of electric vehicles. But I think the resistance here has to do with the fact that the CJ is extremely heavy, but has very little storage. That link you had of someone with an Electric CJ5- it was a fiberglass body on a VW chassis, and he still had to charge it at every short trip.

You would probably need 30 deep cycle batteries, distributed evenly. An easy shortcut would be to mount the DC motor directly to the trans input shaft. But having all that running gear would take up lots of space where the batteries would need to go.

I guess its the age-old argument. How much are you willing to throw at it? Lots of $500 conversions/guides on the internet using basic motors, controllers, and lead-acid batteries. But that might not be usable. However,
with a custom, ultra light chassis, lithium batteries, etc, sure that would work pretty fantastic.
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