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No.350.Beiyuan RD.East. Chaoyang DIST. Beijing.P.R.China
Beijing , 100012

phone: +86-010-84450885
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Contact Name:Lily
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Meeting Location:No.350.Beiyuan RD.East. Chaoyang DIST. Beijing.P.R.China
Meeting Date:no
Meeting Time:no


Club Type:Jeep Exclusive
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:Yes
Year Founded:2006
Yearly Fees:Free


Jeep China Cooperation is founded by Mr. Yang Jianhua in July, 2005£¬which is the first and extremely professional jeep club in China. Meanwhile, the club is highly influential in jeep sales, maintenance, rescue£¬modification and offroad events in daily life. Our mature structure allows us to ensure we are always working in our members' best interests. Jeep China Cooperation concept started life as a way of enjoying Jeep ownership without hassle or complication.

The company is established in 2006, whose primary businesses includ e-portals, e-commerce, off-road, domestic and international self-driving travel, car insurance, theme restaurant and healthcare center.

This subsidiary company undertakes the following businesses: car maintenance, vehicle rescue, automobile decoration, apparel, outdoor equipment and jeep modification.

Jeep China is the first largest and most professional jeep owners' club with 2,700 registered jeeps and over 11,185 members.(The number is growing very fast.) The club has owned buildings for jeep modification and maintenance, theme restaurant, e-commerce platform, video room, meeting room, club entertainment room and even healthcare center. We organize over 20 jeeps offroad events and 40 different activities every year. Furthermore, we are planning to build a jeep theme park in 2010 in Beijing suburb.

Superior Location and Self Owned whole building - The headquarters are located at the intersection of Bei Yuan East Road and Bei Yuan No.2 Road in Beijing, just close to the main North 5th Ring Road. In the north of the headquarters, there are three major living communities of Wang Jing, Bei Yuan Homestead and Tian Tong Yuan.

One-stop Service - The headquarters have a five-storey building with over 5,000 square meters in building yard area. We run most of our business in this building, such as car maintenance, modification, insurance, food service, healthcare center, etc. The service radiates jeep maintenance and modification market within a radius of 1,500 kilometers.

Supporting facilities - There is a running car park outside the headquarters.What¡¯s more, we also run a self-owned petrol station of CNPC just beside the headquarters. The quantity of car flow is over 2,000 on average everyday in the petrol station.

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