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Jeep Cherokee XJ Seat Swap (simple question)

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I have 99 Cherokee Classic with clothe seats and with adjustable head rest.

There is an opportunity for me to get leather seats from a 2001 XJ with both passenger and driver seat being powered operated.

I dont want to deal with any of those electrical components.

My simple question. Can i bolt the leather seats on the manual adjustable current seat rails without major difficulty?

And one last thing, Happy Thanksgiving.
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Yes you can.
And you will use your plastic not powered seat molding from your original seats.
Here is the thing which I think you should consider."
I am guessing that the leather seats are in really good shape cause you are considering the swap.
Since you say both driver's and passenger seats are powered if they are original to the Jeep that means they are heated.
While maybe not the holy grail but heated/powered seats in good usable shape can be tough to find.
And literally plug and play in a '99 assuming you get all the parts.
And you make sound like you have access to a complete Jeep so.....
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