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Hey everybody,

I just found out about a Jeep show coming up in a couple weeks. If you are in the Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana area this might be a fun Saturday drive. Or make it a cool weekend getaway if your are farther away.

I'll give you a heads up that I don't know how good of a Jeep show this will be as it is my first time going but I've been to the Gilmore Car Museum multiple times and was a member years ago. It is one of the best car museums in the country and I would even argue the world. If you are in to more than just jeeps and love cars of all types then you should really check this place out. Majority of the cars are kept in old barns that have been relocated and restored on site, it's like no other museum I've ever seen. Here is a link to the show, google Gilmore Car Museum to see more about the venue.
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