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Hey ALL! Just joined the Jeep club and picked up a 1985 CJ7 with a inline 6. Stick shift, 4x4. Soooo basically, I have no idea what I'm doing :|
It's in great condition so I don't plan on running it hard, maybe some light open trails, climb a small hill every now and then. I notice the brake pedal is quite a bit of distance higher than the gas pedal. I know they were fast and loose in the 80's but really seems like a panic moment accident ready to happen as your foot slides UNDER the brake pedal. Am I delusional? Is there a retro fix for this?
I'm in AZ so my first thought is how to get air conditioning in this beast? I don't have the time to do-it-myself but would like to know if there is anyone in AZ that I can pay to do the job? Or any shop recommendations?


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