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Here it is yall, the first official TJ of the Month Contest of 2011! I want to thank everyone for a great year last year and I hope this year will be even bigger and better. Thanks to all who entered, it was a great batch of Jeeps and it was hard to get down to just 10. If you didnt make it, please enter again next month. Lets get those votes in people!

ALSO, BUY A CALENDAR!!! Links in my sig. Do it.

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Camo Deere

Name: David LaPlant

Username: Camo Deere

Mods: 4" RC springs and shocks, Skyjacker flex arms, 1" BL, Rockrawler steering, front 30 Aussie locked & 4.10s, rear 35 & 4.10s, 33x12.5 KM2s on 15" streetlocks, SYE/Tom Woods driveshaft, Brown Dog Offroad MML, offroad XRC front bumper, tube fenders and sliders, trail corners, XRC-8 winch and a pair of KC slimlites

Story: It all started as a plain white TJ with bald 32" A/Ts my dad and I purchased when I was 15. I turned 16 and received my drivers licensed and my dad graciously let me drive the Jeep. I wasn't perfect, I would have the Jeep a few days and get it taken away from another few days, price to pay when the title is in your dad's name. I worked my tail off for summers at my dad's work and grandparent's property working and had a lot of cash to save for the future, well the future of the Jeep. It was lifted and wheeled, broke and fixed, here and there for many months, I got spontaneous one night and started sanding away the fading white paint, within a week it was an obnoxious Impact Orange but I couldn't be happier. It's not the most well built TJ or nicest by far, but it gets me where I need to wheel which is very limited in the Sunshine State, I appreciate it most because my clever mind was able to construct the build how I liked, I haven't seen another that resembles it at all and don't ever plan to. I plan on going into Firefighting in CO after I'm done with school, when I'm there the build will go a totally different way, but for now it's content in it's state and I'm having a blast trying to keep it on the road more than in the garage.



Jeremy Anderson
Wow where do I start,2006 TJ, Warn m8000, Rubicon Express 5.5 longarm lift, Poly Performance full cage, Home built bumpers and sliders, 79 Ford Dana 60 front, trussed and stuffed with a detroit and 5.38s, Corporate 14 bolt rear trussed and welded with 5.38s, homebuilt Full hydro steer, and lots of little goodies in between!
Just like any other hobby I got into it and fell in love, it has snowballed ever since! I bought the jeep new in 2006, built it and tore it down, built it bigger, tore it down, built it, yadda yadda yadda! Enjoy!!!!



Name: Craig Anderson

(2003 Rubicon)


*4.0L Auto

*4" Procomp Coils
*ProComp Lower Control Arms
*JKS Ajustable End Links
*RE Gen2 Disconnects
*Fox 2.0x10" Smoothbody Resivior front shocks
*Bilstein 5100 rear shocks
*JKS Upper and Lower Racing Shock Conversion

Wheels and Tires:
*35x12.50x15 Cooper SST
*15x8 D-Window Locks

Axles and T-Case:
* Dana44 Front with Rubicon E-Locker
* Dana44 Rear with Rubicon E-Locker
* Rubicon 241 Transfercase
* 4.10 Gears
* RE Rear Drivshaft

*Currie HD Steering
*OME Steering Stabalizer

*Kilby Steering Box Skid
*Warn Front Bumper
*Warn Rear Bumper and Tire carrier with Custom Hi-Lift mount
*Rubicon Sliders

*KC 100w Long Range Lights
*Bestop Bikini Top
*C.R.E.S Netting
*Hi-:Lift Jack
*H.I.D Bulbs in stock Fog lights
*Sony XPlod Head Unit
*Infinity 10" Subwoofer
*Cobra 19DX CB/PA
*Golden Eagle Antenna
*Mastercraft Grab Handles
*One Amazing Girlfriend as a Co-Pilot

This is my very first Jeep. I love everything about it. For a broke college student, most everything on this rubi has been invilved in a trade for an upgrade (for example: 33's trade for 35's). I'm always thinking of how to make it look the best, for the cheapest, and most fuctional way possible. It has just started, but the rubi's life has a long path ahead of it and now that my dad has just bought a Jeep, ts time to share the knowledge!. -Craig


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Name: Jay- Charlotte, NC
Username: REDLYNER
Vehicle: 00 TJ


Engine: 4.0 with CAI.

Transmission: Stock.

Transfer case: Tera SYE, Tera Belly Up.

Suspension: Stretched to 100.5" Wheelbase on 3.5" RE springs. Rokmen Short Arms front, Clayton Long Arm stretch rear.

Rear axle: Rubicon 44 rear w 30 spline Alloy USA shafts, ARB locker, Alloy 4.88 R&P, Rock Crusher cover, disc brakes.

Front axle: Rubicon 44 front w 30 spline Alloy USA shafts, ARB locker, Alloy 4.88 R&P, Currie steering, RE Trackbar, Currie Anti-Rock, VANCO Big Brake Kit.

Rims/tires: Raceline 17x9.5 Aluminum beadlocks with 37x12.5 r17 Pitbull Radial Rockers.

Armor: TNT Customs Hi-line Zyros rear corners, TNT Customs front tube fenders w 3" flare, Warn rock sliders, Poison Spyder Customs Roll Cage.

Bumpers: Front Poison Spyder Trail Stinger w M8000 Warn winch, rear Gen-Right tire carrier and rear Stinger.

Seats: Mastercraft Baja RS race seats with Mastercraft 5 point harnesses.


Built to go, waxed for show. Pretty simple for me- I am building this jeep to run the toughest obstacles on Saturday, then bring it home, wash it off, and park it at the car show on Sunday. I take a lot of pride in pushing my jeep to the limits, then also taking care of it so that it looks good in the grocery store parking lot.

My wife and I run between 20 and 25 trails per year with most of them being private rock parks in the South. However, since having an addiction to Moab, we now make a 4,400 mile trip to Moab and back each year to play on the slick rock during Easter Jeep Safari. This jeep gets wheeled very hard, very often. It has now been to trails and rock parks in 7 states (AL, CO, UT, NC, SC, KY, TN)!

Each trip we evaluate how the jeep performed and how it could be better, then my wife helps me decide on the specific mods that would get us over that obstacle or trail the next time around. I couldn't be happier with how the TJ is turning out.


Name: Mike
Username: Unlimited04

2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with:
33x12.50R15 Goodyear Duratracs, 4.0L/42RLE/NV231J w/ SYE
4.88's with Detroit TrueTrac's front and rear
HP D30 front, with custom sleeve truss & reinforced mounts
D44 rear, with reinforced track bar mount
JeepMedic engine skid & tummy tuck
Solid diff covers front and rear
Kilby Steering box skid & Body Clamz
Savvy Gas tank skid
Skid Row radiator skid
JKS 1.25" BL, Currie 1" MML
Vanco 15" brakes w/ Crown stainless lines
Springs: OME 2.5" - 933 front, 949 rear
Daystar 0.75" spacers in front
Shocks: OME N66 & N67
Custom adjustable front and rear track bars
JKS front sway bar disconnects
Skyjacker steering stabilizer
Bumpstops: 1-3/8" front and 20mm OME rear
AirLift load leveling airbags in rear, with modified bumpstops
Poison Spyder Customs Trail Cage with custom additions
'knoblockbumpers' front and rear bumpers
Homemade GPS mount, CB mount, antenna mount & third brake light
Rokmen sliders with internal reinforcements
All 8 Rokmen control arms
ZJ V8 tie rod
Homemade JKS disco storage cams
Homemade 42RLE trans temp setup

Picture 1:
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Picture 2:

Picture 3:

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Name: Roy Sherman, Walla Walla, WA

Username: 05jeeper

Vehicle: 05 TJ

Engine: 4.0, York Onboard air system, Optima Red Top dual batteries managed with painless dual battery kit.

Transmission: Stock 42RLE, Pure Performance extra capacity oil pan (1/4" thick).

Transfer case: NV241 Rock Trak

Drive shafts: Front; Stock, Rear; Tom Woods extended double cardan CV drive shaft

Suspension: F/R Rough Country 6" springs, Rough Country rear coil correction kit, Rough Country Long Arm upgrade Kit, Teraflex HD Hi-steer kit, 1.25" body lift, ProComp Adjustable F/R track bars, Currie Antirock sway bar kit.

Shocks: Front; Rancho Pro Series RSX9000x Remote Reservoir, Rear; Rancho RS9000

Axles: Front; Dana 44 with air locker and 4:88 gears, Alloy USA Chromalloy axle shafts, Alloy USA X-joints, Alloy axle seals, Ward Diff cover, Rear; Dana 44 with air locker and 4:88 gears.

Rims/tires: 15x10 Rock Crawler Extreme Wheels, 35x12.5 Procomp MT Tires

Other mods: Gen-Right Boulder Series front fenders, Gen-right 4" rear flares, Warrior corner guards, 33 Engineering Tummy Tuck, 33 Engineering Transmission mount, Rockman gas tank skid, Rock Hard Sliders, Warn Steering box skid, Fabtech front bumper, Homemade rear bumper, OR-Fab swing away tire carrier, OR-fab Rock Doors, Warn XD9000i winch with in-cab remote controls, Warn winch plate, rock lights, Rampage H4 headlight conversion kit, 7" HID windshield lights, PIAA 5" Driving lights, ORO LED tail lights, Tuffy overhead console, Tuffy rear tool box, Tuffy glove box, Sony Stereo System, Autometer dash pod with autometer transmission temp and OBO gauges and so much more that I can't even remember right now.

Future Mods: Gen-Right full rear corners, Full Cage with frame tie-in, Rubi-Crawler, Mod rear wheel-wells for clearance of 39.5x14.5 IROKs.

Story: Purchased used in 2007 after I got divorced and could no longer afford the F350 7.2L diesel truck I was driving. It was a stocker but I quickly began modifying as I thought it looked like a grandpa jeep. Haven't been able to stop spending my hard earned $$ on it ever since. Holds true to the acronym JEEP- "Just Empty Every Pocket" as this is exactly what I do on a regular basis. My new and much improved wife thinks there should be a support group that I can attend to decrease my addiction for spending on the Jeep.


Jason Clark

-Rock Krawler X-Factor 5.5 inch lift that I stretched to 101" wb

-Recentered HP dana 60 front and sterling 10.5 rear with 5.38 gears and arb lockers

-4.0 motor with a banks header and custom intake

-AX-15 trans

-Atlas 4.3 t-case

-Warn XD 9000i winch

-Homemade bumper/grill guard

-Homemade 1/4 inch armor from tailgate to cowl

-Boat tailed the rear quarter panels 6 inches on each side with aluminium tailgate

-Rock Crawler fiberglass hood

-Custom cage tied to the frame at 6 points

-Homemade fuel cell that fits behind the rear seat and uses the stock sending unit

-PSC hydrolic assist on custom drag link and tie rod using heims

-Hand throttle, rock lights

-14.50/43/17 Super Swamper SX's

I bought this TJ as a salvage about ten years ago. Since then it has been done and redone about 5 times. It seems to get a little bigger and badder every year. Latest redo included ditching the currie 9 inches and recentering and installing a superduty 60 and sterling rear. Beadlocks are in the mail and a V8 and four speed is next on the list someday. I love wheeling, wrenching, and burning metal so who knows where it will end.



John Moxley




2004 Wrangler X
4.0 with K&N Filter
Dana 30 front with ARB
Dana 35 rear with Trac-Loc
3.73 gears
31" BFG Mud Terrain KM2
Centric Rotors with Black Magic Pads
Cheap eBay front and rear Rock Bumpers
Pro-Comp Steering Stabilizer
JKS Quicker Disconnects
2" BB in front
1" BB in rear
1" BL
Old Man Emu Shocks
Pro-Comp Adj. Upper Control arms
UCF Ultra High Clearance Skid
UCF Lo-Pro Mount
Crown SYE
Cherokee front driveshaft cut down for rear driveshaft
Savvy Gas Tank skid
Brown Dog 1" MML
Rock Hard Rock Sliders
LED flush mount taillights
Cobra 75 CB
Hidden Quick Couplers off ARB compressor to air up tires
Few more things I can't remember now


I special ordered this Jeep for myself and took delivery in November 2003 with 3 miles on it. Drove it for a little while and slowly began to buy parts here and there to start modding it. I knew from the beginning that I didn't want a large Jeep so the plan was to never go over 33" tires. I firmly believe the best way to build a Jeep is to learn to drive it and mod it as you move to harder trails.

I also wanted to keep excellent road manners as well as have a vehicle I could drive anywhere I wanted. So far I feel I have a good mix of both worlds. Another theme of my build was to keep it looking as stock as possible. To achieve the stock "sleeper" look I've gone out of my way to paint and color match my accessories to stock colors and try and hide other items to keep clean lines. Nothing pleases me more than to pull into a lineup of larger and heavily modified Jeeps and to hear the snickers and comments that I'll be a hold-up, I'm in the wrong group, ect.... only to keep up with and sometimes run harder lines than some of them! Most of the groups I regularly run with are on 33-35" tires.

Keeping it small and close to stock also enables me to drive to trails instead of trailering. So far I have wheeled from Eastern Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky to places as far away as Las Cruces, New Mexico and Moab. All while running moderate rated trails and driving it there & back. And getting 16-18mpg! So keeping it moderate does have some advantages.



Name: Eddy Cotton
Username: cotton_4x4

1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
-NP231 with AA SYE and Tattons Custom CV Driveshaft
-Came with Dana 30 and Dana 35 with 3.55's, swapped in a Rear Dana 44 out of a 01 TJ and a Dana 30 out of an 04 LJ with 3.73's. HP 30 and 4.56 gears waiting to go in.
-BTF Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Brackets
-35x12.50xR15 Goodyear Kevlars
-Pro Comp Flat Black Rock Crawler Rims
-Custom K&N Cold Air Intake
-Sanden OBA Converstion
-4" Pro Comp Springs
-Rubicon Express SuperFlex Upper Control Arms
-Pro Comp Lower Control Arms
-1" Currie Body Lift
-AA Transfer Case Relocation Bracket
-Undercover Fab Ultra High Clearance Skid
-ROKMEN Steering Box Skid
-ROKMEN Corner Armor
-Superlift Front Adjustable Track Bar
-RC Rear Adjustable Track Bar
-Kilby Gas Tank Skid
-Bilstein 5100's
-Poison Spyder Front Tube Fenders
-BTF Front Bumper
-WARN 8000i Winch
-Custom Rear Tire Carrier and Bumper
-Hanson Rocker Guards
-Rampage Fastback Soft Top
-Cobra CB
-Dash LED Conversion
-OTRATTW Switches
-Relocated Upper Rear Spring Perches

Future Mods:
-HP D30
-Outboard Rear Shocks
-Rear Tube Fenders
-ROKMEN Lower Control Arms

-Bought this Heep off craiglist back in July of 08 after it had been totaled. The front was smashed in to the engine block, the front axle was bent, there was some serious damage to the rear passenger tub and overall it was in rough shape. Bought the jeep sight on seen and had no idea if the frame was bent or if the engine had any serious problems. Got the heep back home and started gather parts to put it back together. My goal with this build was to do it on a budget and get as many things used as possible and sell off any un-used parts I could to recoup some of the costs. I worked every night after work in the parking lot of my apartment into the late night hours and had it running and drivable within a month. (Thanks to my buddy Evan for all his help and helping me install the front axle in the parking lot in the middle of a rain storm) After it was running and drivable it has been a constant build with adding mods here and there in between wheeling trips to Moab and around Colorado. It has been a great rig that has brought much joy and adventure to my family and I.

Thanks for looking!

My Build Thread:


Name: James H. Jackson II
Mods (optional): EXTERIOR:
Smittybilt XRC 3" flare tube fenders front/rear
XRC rock rails
XRC rear bumper w/ swingout tire carrier
Factory front bumper shoertened/bedlined
front grill bedlined/punisher emblem painted radiator
sway bar painted to match suspension
HID's/black housing projectors/LED tailights/third brake light
shaved antenna/powered antenna mounted inside windshield
removable spotlights on hood/new soft top

97 Wrangler 4wd 2.5l 5 Speed TJ. SUSPENSION:
2.5" in RC lift and shocks/1.25" JKS Body lift/JKS 1.25" motor mount lift/Adjustable Lower control arms/Poly control arm bushings in all others/JKS sway disconnects/JKS adj front Tie rod/Teraflex Steering Dampener/ HD TRE's/Energy suspension front Sway bar bushings/tummy-tucked factory trans skid plate
33"X12.5" Toyo open country M/T's on Cragar soft 8's with matching spare balanced with BB's.
2.5l 4cyl. 5 sp trans
Dana 35 rear/dana 30 front axles
rebuilt front/rear driveshafts
Air raid CAI
Radiator stripped to brass/painted black/punisher emblem
Painted pulleys/power steering pump bracket
New: plugs/coil/wires/water pump/serpentine belt/heater core/thermostat
Optima red top battery
Brakes: rebuilt rear drums/New front rotors/pads/calipers/JKS stainless lines
Flowmaster exhaust/removed cat
Best top locking rear storage unit
factory grey dash replaced w/ spice everything
Tuffy spice locking glove box/full center console
corbeau neoprene Moab seats/sliders
Sony Marine cd player/ipod controller
MTX marine amp under seat/rear speaker pods/sound bar/alpine speakers everywhere
Red LED Lights in dash/bezel/hyper white overhead light
Entire interior has been lined with Monsta-liner/removed rear seat
Bedlined skull shift knob
Autometer a/f ratio/voltmeter A-pillar with red LED's

Story (optional): Bought this Jeep about 3 years ago in pretty bad shape and it's been keeping me busy as a side project ever since!


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1 vote for cotton_4x4

kudos on the rebuild.

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Thanks to whoever voted for me!! Sorry I haven't had a chance to get any cool pics like everyone else, all mine were taken on my phone haha. Whenever I get it put back together I'll actually take it out and get some decent crawling pics. I'm honored to be in these ranks!

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I narrowed it down to 3 and went from there. Great rigs!
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