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Is this all I need to replace the oil cooler and oil pressure sensor?

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I plan on ordering this part myself. The shop said I should change the oil cooler along with the sensor as it usually comes in an assembly.

Is this everything I need? Is the sensor attached to this?

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If you plan on keeping the vehicle for a few years, I would recommend you go for the Dorman replacement.

You can get them cheaper online, but you do need to be careful when ordering because they offer two versions. the cheaper one is for PUG V6's post-2014 or later where you can reuse the original cooler assembly, if you have the pre-PUG engine you need the more expensive full kit that includes the oil cooler and the updated filter housing.

I have installed a few of these and never had an issue. Jeep should do a deal with Dorman and fit these as standard. The same issue affects any Pentastar-equipped vehicle including Wranglers, 300C, Challenger, Chargers, and all their Voyager and Town and County Mum Buses. Unlikely to happen as the Pentastar is being phased out in favor of low-capacity turbo engines that don't last long but as long as they last long enough to get beyond the warranty Stellantis, former FCA are good.

The question is do you have an oil leak related to the oil cooler? this is an expensive fix for a just-in-case scenario. Yes, the OEM filter housings are fragile and the problem gets worse as they age and the plastic gets more brittle with temperature cycles but as long as you are careful when swapping the oil filter, they should be good for the lifespan of the vehicle. you just need to gently ease the oil filer cover off and not try and crack it off with a big breaker bar.
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I have just searched online and there appear to be knock offs of the Dorman part for $70

I am not sure I would trust them but it is an option
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