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Is Ssangoyng Korando I the same car/chassis as Jeep CJ7?

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Is Ssangoyng Korando I the same car/chassis as Jeep CJ7?
I bought a 1995 SSangyong Korando but I can't find parts for it almost anywhere (I'm from europe), so I'm wondering if I could fit parts from Jeep on it? Those would be much easier to come by...
I could also safely purchase a new soft-top for my Korando online, knowing that those intended for Jeep CJ7 would fit.

Thank you for your help in advance,

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Correction: I was talking about the 2nd gen Korando.

I used to have one of these Korando and found it a reliable and troublefree 4x4.
Engine parts are available from Mercedes. That engine was used in the Mercedes Sprinter and other Merc's
There is a very good SSangyong forum in the UK and I found answers to most of my questions there as well as links to parts suppliers

Good luck
The Ssanyong had a convoluted genesis from a CJ5 to a much longer chassis. At some point in the mid 70s the two paths diverged, which is just when AMC were thinking of the CJ7.

You do need to be inventive with this type of jeep, it is definitely a genuine licence built jeep but the design has changed.

Soft tops for instance need careful measurement of the bows and the tub and windshield. You cannot guarantee that any measurement is exactly the same unless you yourself have measured it. Fortunately, soft tops can be made by anyone with the right skills.

As to mechnical parts, they used licence built AMC engines or local diesels. How they developed the rest of the mechanicals is something to find out, but even brake parts can be refurbished by specialists.
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