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The relay for the lights in the BCM is probable bad. You can switch it with the cigarette lighter relay to see if this allows the lights to come on when the doors are open.
For some reason the circuit was designed to allow you to manually turn the lights on by-passing the automatic relay. Since you are working on the over-head, now is the chance to check these wires to the hatch light.If you pull the plastic molding holding the hatch light make sure you WARM the plastic all the way across first or the plastic holding the metal clips will break off due to the cold.

The rear hatch light bulb may be bad or the plug wires broken/dirty, a common problem.
Here is a lay out of the relays.


If the rear hatch light does not come on, and you know the bulb is good, check the tailgate latch switch. This turns the interior lights on/off. Drop down to see the photos.
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