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04 TJ Sport / 5.3LS / RS5000X / 3.73
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I picked up a wire harness from harbor freight and me and my buddy spliced and put the wires together to my original wire harness to make the installation faster and easier.
This is where you are currently setting.......

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I’m wondering if I burned a fuse
Blown fuse = No current flow.
If the lights come on when stopped, how could a fuse be blown?
Just check the fuses. Simple.

and the other part I’m thinking is if the signal on the lights is too strong.
Signal too strong? Are you referring to voltage? Current?
What you're asking makes no sense. A signal would be referring to data being carried over a wire.

Lights do not receive any signals.

If you do not have a basic understanding of electricity, then I suggest that you stop this project until you do. Electrical safety is not a joke.
This is not meant to discourage you BTW. We all have to learn these things for the first time at some point, but not like this.


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