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Inspection help

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I live in Pittsburgh and currently have a jeep with 12.5 inch wide x 35" tires and skinnier fender flares .... Im due for inspection and called the jeep dealership to schedule an inspection but they are telling me my car won't pass..... I literally see 20 cars a day that have tires wider ( or stick out further) than their flares. Im curious as to where these people are getting inspections because its ridiculous that they won't pass me. The other day coming out of the movies I literally had a cop waiting for me at my car to tell me how cool it was, and continued to tell me all the mods on his wrangler. I have never been pulled over, and see this on 50% of wranglers , trucks , even corvettes....

Just hoping someone can help or lend me a little insight regarding this matter.

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I live up in Indiana PA and my brother had the cats removed on his mustang. He also had trouble getting inspected. He ended up just asking around at local part stores to see where he could go. He was lucky and found a small garage that didn't care about the cats. All he cares about was that the tires were in good shape and the car wasn't falling apart. There has to be a small garage near you like that.
I think the problem is that you went to the dealership. I take mine to a local shop that I give some other work to also through out the year. Just stuff that I can't do or if it's too cold outside. I try to stay away from the bigger places like the dealers, Pep Boys, etcand stick with the smaller local places. You stay loyal to them and they stay loyal to you.
I simply have and extra set of spare stock wheels and tiny tires that I put on to get inspected. I'm running 3" tube fenders and was running 35's daily, never got pulled over either. it looks ridiculous with the tiny tires but it passes
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