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Increased Lighing - Nighttime Vision

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I'm finding that the stock "Wagner" headlamps aren't cutting it on rainy nights. Are the replacement Sylvania round halogen lamps worth it or should I add some Hella's to my factory setup. Other suggestions welcome. I don't want to stimulate the economy too much! Not doing a HID conversion.
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Look into IPF "Fat Boy":

We usually run the KC fogs during bad weather.
Look on ebay for 7" h4 conversion light. There are a bunch of h4 conversion lights out there. Many cars use the 7" round sealed beam lights and yes they do suck. I got some cheap autopal conversion lights off ebay. Water got inside while I was mud bogging and the bulbs exploded. I guess thats one reason sealed beams are used. I later found some some ipf conversion lenses for $50 on ebay, a real steal. Keep your eyes open and stick with the name brands. There are also some called Rampage
I never got around to doing a headlight conversion but after trying a number of different "off the shelf" lamps, I settled on the Sylvania Xtravision (H6024XV for TJ's). As far as I know, they don't make a Silverstar sealed lamp.

My local parts store sells them for $18 each. Much brighter than stock. I also have fog lights and auxiliary lights for really dark roads.
Delta quad bar

That is ridiculously bright I dont buy much from quadratec I use them for more of a resourse.
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