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ibjeepin95's 99' XJ Build

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Current pic: 10/5/14

Well folks, I said I was going back to an XJ so that's what I did. Just a recap on my previous Jeeps...

My first XJ the day I sold it. 95' Sport 5 speed...

My second.... 87' Waggy XJ w/ factory 44 and HP non disco 30. Wish I kept this one...

And of course, my TJ I just recently sold....

Well after my TJ, I started looking for my next XJ. I knew I wanted a 97'+, so that's what I went after. While searching craigslist, I came across a 99' with 130k miles. Girl that owned it said it needed a radiator. All it really needed was a cap. Talked her down to $1600 and brought it home. Had some awesome seat covers and looked and smelled like an ash tray inside...

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ibjeepin95 said:
James, it's George Washington National Forest, just outside of Harrisonburg.
What's the location called?
ibjeepin95 said:
The hatch got stuck shut because some threaded rod thing come loose from another piece of metal in there. I know, technical. So instead of going to the JY and hunting down the fancy plastic piece that holds it all together, I pulled it tight and put some boogers on it with the Lincoln. Works good now! :D
Tail lights?
I know you have more ****ing pictures then that..

Pitman looks like ****. Do you have a drop?
Do you have a tape measure? I'm curious. What does your axle side TB bracket look like. Take some ****ing pictures you lazy ****. Haha
41 - 46 of 2370 Posts
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