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ibjeepin95's 99' XJ Build

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Current pic: 10/5/14

Well folks, I said I was going back to an XJ so that's what I did. Just a recap on my previous Jeeps...

My first XJ the day I sold it. 95' Sport 5 speed...

My second.... 87' Waggy XJ w/ factory 44 and HP non disco 30. Wish I kept this one...

And of course, my TJ I just recently sold....

Well after my TJ, I started looking for my next XJ. I knew I wanted a 97'+, so that's what I went after. While searching craigslist, I came across a 99' with 130k miles. Girl that owned it said it needed a radiator. All it really needed was a cap. Talked her down to $1600 and brought it home. Had some awesome seat covers and looked and smelled like an ash tray inside...

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I'm going to make an all America effort. I need to re work some things before then so we shall see Colton!
Stock setup works great IMO, keep it and beef it all up. Radius arms are not that cool when your lower control arm mount sheers off. I'll help you with a 3 link after I do mine pretty soon.
Yeah wouldnt hurt, but you will need adjustable arms. Your shock mounts are in the way so that needs to be addressed as well.
Your really getting good with fab work. I am at a stand still right now it sucks
Frame, just want to stretch but don't. So I'm just going to redo the shock mounts, upper coil mounts and do a short arm 4 link for now
Heard that. I just want to wheel more. It's my goal... I'm taking off work between semesters the first week of feb, I should get this **** done.
I would like to see a jeep with mostly stock components and trac bar up from like Colton's case, meaning not a whole lot of custom work up there. Knuckles, trac bar, custom steering, and DS in a XJ. You can't just get 18 inch CO's and not expect to spend a **** load more money and custom fab work. They don't just "go" in. And certainly not an 18 CO to be run using the travel that is given with it.

Colton can get progressive Savvy coils and custom tuned shocks... Probably a 12-14 rage of travel on his setup he is running now and be happy as hell. It's much easy said then done buying and setting up CO's cheaply.

Colton you know this already, LOL
Well that proves my point... 18 inch would be too much. I'm not sure who even said it, but I'm just saying. I know about stock mounts and such, that's why I said it would be more money and custom work....
Looks cool, glide over those walls. If you went to far over that would suck.

When is the next open wheeling in Crozet?
No what's going down? The app on my phone stopped working so I haven't looked at it. What's going on?
RC. But don't you see a highlife jacking it up?
That isn't the state law. You must have market past the tires, if they stick out. Flatlander ran into this.

Cops don't bother if you make crazy lights like tony did.
Motorcharge said:
There is no tire coverage law in VA for passenger vehicles. Anything that sticks out more than 4" from the front turn signal has to have a marker light over it but its rarely enforced. Its more for truck boxes and that sort of thing. The only restriction on tire coverage is for commercial vehicles and that is no more than 2" can stick out from the fender. You technically dont even have to run fenders on your XJ. You can run up to 102" wide here in VA.
21 - 40 of 2370 Posts
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