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ibjeepin95's 99' XJ Build

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Current pic: 10/5/14

Well folks, I said I was going back to an XJ so that's what I did. Just a recap on my previous Jeeps...

My first XJ the day I sold it. 95' Sport 5 speed...

My second.... 87' Waggy XJ w/ factory 44 and HP non disco 30. Wish I kept this one...

And of course, my TJ I just recently sold....

Well after my TJ, I started looking for my next XJ. I knew I wanted a 97'+, so that's what I went after. While searching craigslist, I came across a 99' with 130k miles. Girl that owned it said it needed a radiator. All it really needed was a cap. Talked her down to $1600 and brought it home. Had some awesome seat covers and looked and smelled like an ash tray inside...

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I will get some pics up. Had some stupid issues. First, had a killer exhaust leak, even with the windows down. Broke the driver side motor mount, bent the right slider (reinforcement IS needed), mo dents, mo scratches. I now know what important things I need.
Hey man, at least your jeep runs. Mine is dead.
Mine is toast. Nothing works. Thanks for answering.
Got some wheeling pics. The dude in the sunglasses is a bud of mine. Letting your friends wheel your rig actually lets you learn more about your rig. You get to watch how it works!

Hardest obstacle all day. It was a red. Went all the way through but got denied by the gay factory low hanging crossmember. I am going to build a flat skid to fix that.

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Your XJ did very well at Crozet man...diggin them 35's
Today I'm going to do a little work on the XJ. Going to try to bend the passenger slider back, and I might put the vents on. Pricing metal tomorrow for bracing and crossmember.
Took a big sledge and bent my sliders back, my doors open again....

Got some hood vents from Hyline Offroad back at the PA Jeep Show. Nice product, but I will have to go back over my shat paint. I suck at prep.

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ALSO, drove it on the road today, all good except for motor mount and the steering wheel isn't straight anymore.... :rolleyes:
want that tail pipe thursday?
vents are sick nasty.

question on 3" and drop tb brack, how was it, bumpsteer or any of that?
No sir, if there is any I don't notice it. I run a cheapo Tenneco steering stabilizer, IRO steering, and a steering box brace. Steering feels good.
true true.
Now the hood vents, i count find them on their site. I only saw the big ones.
Weeder1 said:
true true.
Now the hood vents, i count find them on their site. I only saw the big ones.
From what I understand, they are still two weeks from production. I bought a set of their prototypes.
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