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ibjeepin95's 99' XJ Build

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Current pic: 10/5/14

Well folks, I said I was going back to an XJ so that's what I did. Just a recap on my previous Jeeps...

My first XJ the day I sold it. 95' Sport 5 speed...

My second.... 87' Waggy XJ w/ factory 44 and HP non disco 30. Wish I kept this one...

And of course, my TJ I just recently sold....

Well after my TJ, I started looking for my next XJ. I knew I wanted a 97'+, so that's what I went after. While searching craigslist, I came across a 99' with 130k miles. Girl that owned it said it needed a radiator. All it really needed was a cap. Talked her down to $1600 and brought it home. Had some awesome seat covers and looked and smelled like an ash tray inside...

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Thanks dawg, welding to shyt metal is a beeetch.

I like the steering, might have 150-200 miles on it. Feels tight, I like it :laugh:
Notice any issues with bump steer?
A little here and there, BUT if I would re-adjust my drag link I could make it mint!
I'm digging the rockers!
Thanks man! I like them so far but welding to the sheetmetal sucks soooooo bad. The top part was easy. Welding the 2x6 to what is left of the pinch seam SUCKS.
Inside of my rockers were mint. This was the worse side of the two......




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They look killer now that they are painted.
Planning on the 11th for Crozet. Have a few more things I'd like to get to before then. Front bumper and seats.
Cool. You PM Chris to make sure that was cool? I knew dudes were going the 12th, not sure on 11th.
ibjeepin95 said:
Cool. You PM Chris to make sure that was cool? I knew dudes were going the 12th, not sure on 11th.
12th is a Sunday? And as long as there are a few people in a group it's fine
Not picture worthy, but I sealed up my sliders and welded on my JKS LCA skids.
Shake down run this weekend at Crozet to test the Lincoln locked 8.25, sliders, and steering. Should be fine, possibly disasterous..... :D
201 - 220 of 2370 Posts
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