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Those of you who are members of the IAFF could I get a little basic info on it. also would like to hear the thoughts of those who aren't and why. I know normally unions can get to be pretty messy things in some situations.

Anyways just want to hear peoples thought on it. Thanks!
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My Union has its ups and downs, advantages & disadvantages. About a year ago, I had an issue with my departments adminstration over a compensation issue. My Union rep was a big help and stood by me through the entire greivance policy. On the other hand, I felt they rolled & caved in during the recently County Executive election.

I try to attend as many of the union meeting as possible. Most months we are lucky to get a quarum for the meetings out of close to 1500 members. Of course the people that ***** the most about what the union does are the ones that never attend any meetings. Don't complain about the contract or neogations if you don't at least show up for a few meetings.

Ok now off of my soapbox.... Your union will be what ever you make of it. I am on our Safety Committee and the CISM team.

Any other questions, let me know.
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