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I6 temperature range Normal?

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Quick question for you all. I have a new (to me) ‘76 CJ7 with an inline 6 cylinder motor. It was a restomod so I’m not too sure what the previous shop did. That said, it has a new radiator, new hoses, looks like a new thermostat housing (or at least cleaned up). I don’t know about the thermostat. My question is, is this normal operating range for the I6? The needle stays there and is in the green but seems to be on the hot side. Normal?

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That is one reason why I went to an aftermarket gauge that reads in degrees and not C & H. I theory as long as it is in the green you are good. Like you I'd like to see it more in the green for peace of mind.
ThanIs! What aftermarket gauge did you go with? I’m considering switching for peace of mind/future concerns.
I was in immediate need of a gauge so I bought what I could find. It is an Equus from O'Reilly's. I replaced my thermostat housing for one for a 4.0 engine. It has a port for the sending unit in the housing. IR heat gun said the gauge was within a degree or two.
Within a degree or two at what temp where it shows on your gauge?
Thermostat opening at idle.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts