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I was talking to Will from MC, and he was amazingly helpful.

The last few questions I sent to him were from my old email account, from and old account, in my small town where I am from. I cant check my sent email to see if they ever got them... I have had this problem in the past.

I love my front fenders and rock rails. I have hit trees and hard ground a few times, no scratches. My buddy hit a rock pretty hard with his front fender, scratched his powdercoat, but that wasnt done by MC.

So my question is. I had a rivet nut turn when I tried to tighten it. So I cant get it to tighten or take the bolt out...

Also, anyone got an idea how to get the bolts in the rocker guard holes? i have more than a few that I couldnt get any way to start the bolt to tighten on those nuts.

My friend had the same issue on his JK.

Still have no regrets. Amazing product, amazing customer service, and looks great.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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