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Ok please bear with me. I’m terrible with verbiage, and kinda barely know what I’m doing. So we have a 1989 Wrangler Laredo. 4.2 liter 6 banger, and lucky enough to have the AX15 trans. So the trans was shot, so we got a new to us one. The company I got it from dosent do a full rebuild, but more of an in depth look over and replace what’s necessary. So the dirty one in the picture came out, and the silver one is going in. Problem is the “input shaft” (I think that’s what it’s called) is slightly bigger on the new one. Everything else matched up to the flywheel and such, but I need a new pilot bearing so it can receive the new shaft. My auto parts store cannot seem to find one that meets the diameter size of the new one (.749). Autozone is pretty useless since their computers don’t have specs on it.

So here is my question. Does anyone know the part number or the information necessary to find it? Secondly, is it possible this new tranny came out of something different from a YJ? I can’t imagine that the shaft size was variable from year to year.


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