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Hi new to this forum
Have a 2000 Jeep tj with A/C 4.0
Currently putting the hvac 5 relays for th
Fan and vac control switch
Now to my question…
I have a five relay set up like the one posted on this site can’t remember the user name my apologies .
However , he states to run a fused power to the vac switch and that runs in series with the fan switch through the Dark Green wire
the way I see it the DK Green wire supplies 12v to the 85 which is made when you turn the vac switch on to the fan switch
The 86 terminal is ground to the relay to complete the circuit .
The black ground is run through the 85 terminal to relay 5 then 87 runs to the harness upstream towards the power
Now for my dilemma
If I’m running power to the vac switch through the Dark Geeen wire
The first three positions cause continuity to the A/C input wire small green wire
When you get beyond the A/C modes in the vac switch the input green wire has no continuity which makes sense.
I get to this , to ask this
If I put power to the vac switch through the dark green wire (middle)
What do I do about the small green input for the air conditioner input wire
1-Does it carry 12v?
2-Is it a ground?
3-If it charges the 12 will nothing change.
4. Or do I run a 6th relay for the Input wire?
Looked all over the internet can’t seem to wrap my head around this.
Hopefully you can understand the gist
of my question.

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Thx for the reply
I should be wiring the relays power 12v to the 85 terminal switches to the 86
Ground daisy chained to the 30 and the
Harness side to the 87
That would allow the rest to function as seeking ground to complete the circuit
The 5 relay write up suggests running 12 v through the ground DK green wire that’s the confusion on my end
Our Jeep is a 2000 and that era is unique
So I told , past model and post model equipment revisions.
It is ground switched as I can tell
I understand somewhat but still learning
Electricity is all about potentials
And I question my potential in this area.
Let me know if this sounds right
I’ll do one yo and bench test it
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