Access to good nutrition and plenty of calories is critical every time you go off-road and off-grid. After all, you use up a lot of energy clearing brush, tying winch ropes, and digging your way out when your off-road rig gets stuck. But you might have noticed something about your average prepackaged, shelf-stable off-grid provisions: oftentimes, they don’t taste all that great, and the nutritional content can be lacking. At the very least, they’re certainly not the sort of thing you would ever choose to eat at home.

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Back in 2018, the lack of truly tasty, nutritious off-grid provisions inspired a group of avid outdoor enthusiasts in Utah to launch Peak Refuel – a premium line of fully freeze-dried foods for overlanding, backpacking, hunting, or really any kind of lengthy outdoor excursion. For nearly two years, the group collaborated on making delicious, chef-inspired meals that could be freeze-dried, packed, and made ready for the trail. After all that time of cooking, testing, and fine-tuning their recipes, what the folks at Peak Refuel have come up with is arguably the best line of prepackaged freeze-dried outdoor meals on the planet. Calorically dense and packed full of protein – nearly twice as much as the other guys – Peak Refuel meals have been crafted to be the ultimate premium food provisions for off-road enthusiasts, backpacking fanatics, and other outdoor adventurers.

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So what makes a good prepackaged off-grid meal, anyhow? The meals offered by Peak Refuel and other brands are typically freeze-dried and put into sealed packaging to extend their shelf-life, as bacteria, yeast, and mold can’t take hold without access to water and air. But freeze-drying serves another important role: rendering the provisions compact and lightweight. Much of any whole food’s mass comes from its water content, so after removing the water, foods are left smaller and lighter than they were before.

Peak Refuel’s premium pre-cooked off-grid meals follow that same formula, yielding conveniently lightweight, packable meal pouches that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less just by adding water. But where the folks at Peak Refuel really set themselves apart is with their ability to craft meals that taste great and pack loads of calories and proteins in a freeze-dried form. The company abides by a simple creed: if you wouldn’t eat it at home, why take it into the backcountry? They subject all of their food suppliers to a strict screening process, selecting only the highest-quality non-GMO ingredients to go into their meals, and they use 100% real meat in all of their meat-based recipes.

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Here are some relevant figures: the average Peak Refuel meal pack contains 803 calories and 37.6 grams of protein – more than half of the recommended daily intake for most adults and 50% more than any other outdoor meal on the market. And yet, on average, Peak Refuel meal packs weigh just 5.4 ounces apiece, and require less than 10 ounces of water to rehydrate. The less water you need to cart around or source from a local stream or lake, in general, the better.

Peak Refuel meals are a godsend on any off-roading excursion. Sure, granola and nut mixes are great for refueling your body in a pinch – dry, portable, and available at just about any gas station. But nuts and granola alone are never going to be able to provide all the nutrition and calories your body needs after a long day on the trail. Peak Refuel fills that gap. You can easily stash a few nutritious, calorically dense Peak Refuel meals into a day pack, and that plus a water jug or a backpacking water filtration kit is just about everything you need to whip up some tasty, filling food in a flash.

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If you’re a serious off-road enthusiast, we highly recommend going and checking out Peak Refuel’s line of premium outdoor meals for yourself, whether through the brand’s official website or its Amazon store. The company is even offering readers of this site access to a special discount when you make a purchase through the Peak Refuel website: just enter the code OFFROAD15 at checkout to save 15% off your first order. The discount code is only valid at – not through the Peak Refuel Amazon store.