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How hard can it be to find a TJ?!

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First and foremost,

ill be cliche and give the ol' "long time lurker, first time poster" line.

I have creeped around these forums for a while looking for tips and tricks wiht my current jeep - 2011 Jeep Liberty KK.

I am selling this and getting a TJ, fulfilling my jeep dreams. The guys in my family have jeeps, all wranglers.. and I am the only one in a covered car when we go off roading! Time to change that.

Anyways, I am having a pretty hard time trying to find something somewhat decent. I have searched craigslist, auto trader etc. Cant find too many clean TJ's for the price I am looking for/criteria I am picky about. There are a few, but there always seems to be SOMETHING that comes up that isnt in the ad.

My criteria:
Below $10k
Clean Title
No mold, decently clean interior
No under body major scratches or dents
Not yellow

I dont mind if it has some tasteful upgrades.

My question is: anyone know where to look? are there any other sites?

Looking forward to replies!
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Be patient and wait for a deal your happy with. Don't just search you local Craig's list, their are apps that let you search within a specified radius or you can just search craiglist in other markets you'd be willing to drive to. Decide which priorities are deal breakers and which ones you can compromise. For example, I would not let a dirty interior or scratched under body break a deal. The first thing I did to my jeep was tear out the carpet anyways. The nice thing about jeeps is every thing is fixable and replaceable. If you find a jeep you like but for one defect, consider using that defect to lower the price. Also, get the word out to keeping family and friends that you are looking for a wrangler. So stoked word of mouth can get you a sweet deal. Happy hunting!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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