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How do I know exactly what my Jeep model is?

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I have 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic with no modifications---just like it came from the factory. How do I know if it is "FS", etc.----alll those models listed when filling out the profile for the forum?? I just randomly chose All it has is slightly wider tires and a different radio/CD player (Kenwood). (CD won't play anymore---all I have is a radio, though) Thanks.
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A 1998 Cherokee Classic is an XJ.

See this also ->
Thanks for your reply! Maybe you also have some suggestions for what is causing a problem that suddenly arose in my Jeep. I went out to start it one morning and none of the dash gauges work. No speedometer, odometer, oil, temp, rpms, or gas gauge. (Gas gauge has been out for almost a year now---I just use the trip meter to see when I need gas) Also, the radio doesn't work, or the remote door locks. Power windows work, though and turn signals and headlights. Also, airbag light is on? I have read that it could just be fuses, or a loose ground or dirty connections in dash harness. I also tried a couple little "tricks" I read in Forum---like holding odometer and turning ignition switch to "on" position---No luck there. Except for changing fuses, and maybe cleaning or tightening connections, I can't do any other kind of work myself. And only if harness is very easy to get to. Do you have any feedback---or should I just take it to mechanic. If I do----do you have ANY idea what it might cost me?? Any input you might have would be greatly appreciated. (There's no "BUS" displayed anywhere like some people talked about. Everything is just dead.) Thanks!!:)
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Search with Google. Type in Cherokee No Bus. Non-functioning gauges are usually a dirty connector plug to the instrument cluster. It is easy to access and clean.

Gauges and radio not working suggests a blown fuse. The fuse box is in the passenger side foot well, below and to the right of the glove box. The Airbag light suggests a faulty clock spring in the steering column, fuses or grounds are not a likely cause. Remote locks not working could be a broken key-fob, or a wiring issue.

Some XJ issues are very common and simple diagnose based on just the symptoms, and other issues require a logical and thorough hands on diagnostic process to exclude possible causes, and to locate possible failures.

I suggest spending $6.95 at for a genuine Jeep Service Manual and $6-10 for a Volts/Ohms test meter.
Reply to my dash gauge problem


Thanks for your reply. It's VERY helpful. Bought a whole bag of fuses and planning to try to change those tomorrow. Hoping that's the problem. They haven't been touched in years. Someone else told us the same thing---that if it's radio along with dash gauges, the fuses are a good bet. I have a really clear diagram of where all fuses are and what each fuse is for. If not, I'll have my mechanic take a look at the connection on the harness...hopefully it won't be more than that.....As for the door locks---The button on the drivers door for "Lock Doors" will unlock all of them, but not lock them. Weird....I'm not really too concerned with that right now. I appreciate your input very much and for taking the time to respond. The Volt Meter, I'm guessing, tells everything needed to know about the fuses and harness and locks and such?? Thanks for that tip also. You're my new "go-to" guy lately. lol ;)
A Volts/Ohms test meter is simple to use for lots of Jeep testing, and will save you money on your first do-it-yourself repair.

Issues with the power door lock and windows is most often broken wires at or near the drivers door hinges. Test the door wire harness wire continuity and consider that the master switch assembly has a problem. I have had some luck with junkyard switches, but you can also buy new ones.

Goof Luck.
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