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This snorkel looks killer and it WAY better than any other home made snorkel i have seen so far (wich usually lool totally ghetto...!) . I have to say that as for looks and fit, it comes really really close to my Safari (wich i am very happy of).
If i can tell you the only thing i dislike about your snorkel, well it's missing a curve at the very top. Where the cap goes in, there is another curve so the front intake grill sits at an angle, and the top's flat surface sits parallel to the ground. Yours has the pipe straight and this leaves the snorkel head at an angle (wich looks just wrong). I had my snorkel for quite some time now and so i noticed this at the very first look at your picture. What i have to say is that since you had this thing putted togheter so nicely, i think you should really put a last effort in this and redo just the top end with a curve in it so the head sits right where it should and not angled like that (i think i understood you have some bend leftover?). After you do this, the snorkel will look killer and perfect!!! Double thumbs up, and enjoy thrill free river crossings. This mod made my Jeep way more enjoyable where i ride usually!!!
1 - 1 of 137 Posts
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