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Homemade Jeep Snorkel w/pics

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OK, I've been trying to use the downtime for the Jeep projects(getting a ton of rain down here). Plus we don't have the nice terrain most of you all do just mud and swamps. So I just got in from making my snorkel. I couldn't justify the almost $400 bucks for the safari snorkle so I welded up 3" exhaust pipe and put on the ARB top.
One 3" U bend $24
One straight pipe $20
ARB snorkle top $ 77
Total $121
All I have left to do is connect it to my stock airbox with some dryer vent tube from Home Depot and some additional waterproofing under the hood.

Tried to keep it low profile for tree branches and wanted it to match the body line and windshield angle. Also I went through the hood because my hood is already dented and didn't want to ruin a good fender.

How's it look?:cheers2:

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I'll revive for the above post. I would like to use this on my LJ. It looks very clean and professional at a fraction of the cost. I like it better than the actual producers of snorkels designs such as ARB.
just ordered my pipe and am ordering my top tomorrow. I'll post up photo's when I do this to my LJ on the passenger side.
the arb snorkel top has cutouts around the bottom that allows the driving rain to be channeled out. If you don't feel comfortable driving with it forward just turn it around backwards, but keep in mine that it will cause a low pressure area behind the snorkel head and can allow small amounts of water vapor to be sucked in. not enough to worry about though.
an airbox from a 91 chrysler 5th ave works well, It's very small and straight though w/ 3" in and out. The one thing to keep in mind is don't get in a hurry and do like i did and cut your hood too close to the rear of the vehicle. You'll want to make your cut near the front so the hood closes on it correctly. I had to elongate my cutout in order to allow it to shut.
1 - 4 of 137 Posts
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