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Hollister Hills this Saturday 07/26

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I'm planning on taking one more trip to Hollister Hills before I sale my Jeep, don't want to but I have to many toys and need to make room. If anyone is free this weekend I plan on hitting the trails sometime around noon. Hope to see some of you there.
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You end up going? Me and my friend with the black jku went around 1pm. You have the xj right?
I was out in the far back trails all day trying to get lost from 10am til dark. I was in a grey 88' XJ
So I'm thinking of heading down this Saturday, anyone maybe going?
Hey I was out there that weekend with my buddy and his 97 tj. Had my green 96 xj. Had just put on 33s and cut the fenders and was testing it out. Camped in the sycamore campground. Anyone else crazy enough to do the hill climb that weekend? I did it, and it was super shady.
I was out in my grey XJ, trailer-ed it in on the back of the Navigator that was parked in the Sycamore camp near the bathroom. Hot and dry out there, I really wish there was mud.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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