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Help with AC/Heater blower Wiring

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I bought a '05 Wrangler X. When I bought it, I was told that the AC/Heater blower was out. No problem easy fix. Went to install new blower and I can't find the connector plug. I did find two wires, see attached pictures, coming out of the wiring harness under the dash. Can someone please confirm that the two wires are for the connector plug? I have looked and can't find the answer.
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Those are not for the blower motor. The blower has 12 gauge wires & are dark green & black/tan. The dark green comes from the blower relay (located in the same area) & the black/tan is spliced off the same colored wire at the resistor (also in the same area).

The 2 in your photos look like smaller gauge wires, maybe 18 or 20 gauge. I can’t see if the one has a tracer but looks light blue & the other looks light blue/orange.

From those colors I think the lb/or might go the 3 wire connector that plugs into the back of the mode selector switch on the panel which is for the a/c compressor control. There is a light blue wire for the blower resistor so it might be that one.

See if that helps figure it out.
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