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HELP - Which transmission cooler line hooks up to which radiator connection??

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I am working through a radiator replacement, it has been a giant PITA. Including I just kinked one of the transmission cooler lines that connects to the radiator, so now I am going to have to build a new one because the part is discontinued and impossible to find.

But the problem I am asking for help here, I disconnected both of the lines that run from the transmission to the two hard lines that connect in to the radiator in order to remove it, one up at the top (which I think is the return line) and one at the bottom. I even marked them with a piece of tape, but in the process of doing the replacement the tape got soaked with oil and fell off.

Can somebody take a picture, or give me real clear direction on which of the two tubes from the radiator connects to which of the two tubes coming from the transmission? Pictures would be great. This job has been horrible, and I really don't want to have to do this twice.

Thanks people! I know somebody will come through, this forum has helped me out so many times in the past

I appreciate yinz,

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The top tranny hose goes to the bottom rad connection and the bottom tranny hose goes to the top connection.
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