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Help identifying interior connector.

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Can someone help me identify what this connector does? This is a pic of the driver side footwell. Two unplugged connectors with black/white wires run from under the dash. The other side has one black/white connector that goes under the car and to the back somewhere. Everything in the back of the car is working with this unplugged. What is it for? The car is a 92 YJ 5 speed with softtop.


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I’m not sure - blurry on my phone- those might be your factory speaker feeds from the factory wiring harness. Don’t destroy them!! The Last Stereo Wiring Thread You'll Ever Need -...

Of course I’m on my phone and can’t see clearly, but could be the courtesy/dome light ground wires because of the color, and the two-part split of the driver’s side connector, and the (blurry) shape of the plug. It goes onto the door pin switch- people unplug them with soft doors or topless because the battery goes flat.
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Either way, be nice to your future next owner and don’t be an uncircumcised philistine and just cut them out.

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The one going to the back is probably for a hardtop wiper motor. I have several plugs like that under my dash that I've found over the years. Some are for the courtesy lights, others are for the heater, etc.
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