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Help! I want to simplify / redo my brake system!

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I recently bought a 92 YJ with the Mustang 5.0 conversion. It has parts from all kinds of different vehicles, making it really difficult to fix anything. I had a front caliper go bad, so I decided to replace both, but I'm running into all kinds of problems, I think on account of all the different parts used in the brake system. I would like to simplify it, maybe replace everything, (at least the rotors, pads and brake lines) but I have no idea where to start. I am learning as I go. Relevant information is below. This all came from information compiled by the person who did the conversion.

Master Cylinder is from a 78 Mercury Marquis with Rear Disk Brakes

Front Axle
Dana 44 with 4.56 gears from 79 1/2 ton Ford
High steering conversion with custom links and 1 ton Chevrolet Tie Rod Ends
Chevrolet Knuckles and Spindles
Rotors and Hubs from a 79 Ford
Calipers and Pads from a 73-76 Chevy 1/2 ton
No idea on the hoses...

Rear Axle
Currie 9" set up with Detroit Locker and 4.56 gears
Rear Disk Brake Kit "TSM"
Ford 9" truck kit for 79 1/2 ton Ford - 3/8 backing plate bolts
Calipers are from a 79-85 El Dorado, & Toronado & 80-85 Seville
Banjo Bolt is M10 X 1.0
D-154 Pads
No idea on the hoses...
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Jeeps came with various parts bin parts. So that’s sorta a notanissue.

Just buy the parts that fit the specified source? They’ll do the same things as going backwards and making it “stock.“ These items were selected to accomplish several upgrades- I’d just stick them. That’s simple to me.

What was the problem you had?
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