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Help finding axles?

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05 Tj with D30/44 3.73 gearing.its a long shot but i need to find a cheep D44 front. Not the D44 housing with d30 outers because im on 37s and dont want to keep wheeling and break the d30. If any of ya or know any one who has one laying around the SD area that has one ide love to take it off your hands. If ya got a 44/44 or even a 30/44 set thats regeared and want to swap i can throw down cash to match the trade.

Not the right place to post this but easier to get axles local. Thanks for the help
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Cheap? Ain't gonna happen..... Even if you do find a Waggy front end you gotta narrow it, gear it, lock it , get a bracket kit etc. ... Aint say'n it can't be done but it'll be hard finding it "cheap". For all the work, and on 37's get a 60.. Just my idiotic, moronic, A-typical opinion that don't mean squat.... and btw, nothing wrong with a NON-RUBI 44 with 30 outers, if you mean the C's. I run it on my TJ with 37's and it's just fine. They are braced with 3/4" plate and I run a Hub conversion kit. Currie hp 44, 4340 chromos ARB and 4.88's. 2800.00

If I were to do it from scratch it would be a 60, coil overs, 5.13's and a detroit....
Ohh i know "cheep" is probably impossible. The way you have your axles were actually how i want to build a D44 before i went 37s but Im just actually trying to find something stronger then a D30 that i can still do some rock crawling only untill i build some D60s that ill have done by mid next year because ive never built them before so im wanting to take my time building them.
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