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looking for some information around a 94 Jeep Cherokee Laredo antitheft security system. so , I've recently had to have a new key made cause I had lost the old ones .. it was starting the car fine , but a few days later I locked the vehicle for the first time after having the key made , and although it unlocked the doors , it still sent the car into the anti-theft mode . and now the security light is on on the dash , exterior lights are blinking , and the immobilizer is refusing to let my car start... I'm thinking bad sensors in the doors , because usually when I lock it up , I have to go to the trunk to unlock it to disable the anti theft . it (the trunk sensor) was the last good sensor I had that could communicate to the computer, that the car wasn't being broken into ... now the vehicle will not start due to the security system thinking the car has been broken into . I can only assume the sensors in the trunk must have also went bad at this point . I've tried calling all the locksmiths and all the mechanics around ... I've tried to find someone who can just disassemble and remove the security system it's self , no luck , told me to try getting a locksmith to program the keys ... and the locksmith said that if they keys were able to start the car , it's not a programming issue ... so my next thought was to find a key fob I could have programmed to the vehicle, (since I believe it's a problem with the sensors in the door ) but I've been told a new key fob can't be programmed to my vehicle with it already locked down from the security system ... so if anyone has any information or knowledge they can share about what I could do at this point ... anything is appreciated!
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