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headlight/taillight laws??

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Ok, so this is more for the guys who daily drive something other than jeeps, but I can't seem to find an answer so I thought I'd post it here..

I'm coming up from NC tomorrow on vacation for a couple weeks, and I'll be driving my mustang up. I've never been any farther north than NC before, so I don't know how the laws/cops are up there. My main problem is, it has aftermarket headlights and tail lights. Headlights are DOT approved smoked halo housings with super white bulbs (halogens, not HIDs or anything illegal), and my tail lights are DOT approved clear housings with LEDs. Should I go through the effort of putting my stock lights back on, or will I be fine? The car is a little loud, but other than the lights & minor exhaust it's visually stock.

The DOT stamping is on all 4 lights, but I'm under the impression that it won't do jack squat if a cop is in a bad mood. I planned on bringing the packaging from the bulbs I bought, as well as the receipts for the lights showing the compliance number for the housings.

Any other suggestions?? getting a 250$ fine is the last thing I want on this already expensive vacation
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