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Hi all I have a 2020 WK2 Trailhawk and am having an issues with the memory seats
I purchased the Mopar Service manual after I purchased the vehicle and tried to open it up and it was nothing but gibberish.

I called Mopar Tech Authority and was told that USB manual isn't supported because of Adobe Flash.

The manual p/n is 81-370-20064-SUSB with a date of 1/28/20 under the p/n. That is the same p/n the C.S. Rep. gave to me to purchase another one for $129.00 plus tax and shipping. The manual I purchased is only a year and a half old. Why would it be obsolete and not supported?

I know that you need to open the manual with Internet Explorer because of the KK CD manual I have for a 2010 Liberty I have and the CD still opens.

Has anyone experienced this issue with a USB service manual?

Thanks in advance.
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