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Time to use the eyes in your finger tips, and as OFF GRID suggests a magnet & pic, add a small punch, small hammer, mirror, and needle nose vise grips.

Use the punch & hammer.....gently.....with punch up at 12 o'clock on face of the try and get it loose in the key seat.

Your punch will only be just slightly longer than contact to the key, and just past the face of the crank, so you have enough room to tap it with your very small hammer.....given available space where you will be working!

If you can get it to move up just a little on outboard end, you might be able to grab it with needle nose vice grips and pull it out.

If you have that outboard end up just a hair, you might get the small punch under it, then gently drive the punch under the key, while holding the key with the vice grips.

A small flat screwdriver would work good too, to drive under the key, as the wedge shape will slowly lift the key up as it is driven under.

Very carefully you should be able to extract the key without needing to disassemble everything.

Good luck :)
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