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Hail state!

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looking for a place near starkville to do a lil muddin every now and again. maybe a good trail to run. if you know any let me know
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I'm right there with you. The closest place I know that's legal to ride is Hawk Pride Offroad in Tuscumbia, AL.
By the way, how bout those Diamond Dawgs?
mshows577 said:
hell yeah man. so do you go to state? i could use people to ride with
Yeah I do. I'm at home in Brandon for the summer though...I'm going on a ride in Tuscumbia, AL in July with my jeep club down here. You're more than welcome to come. Should be one or two other guys from Stark coming.
Aight well the ride is the weekend of July 13 if you decide you want to go. Last time I went was in February in my stock the way, couldn't see the pics on your build thread. Not sure why. Here's mine
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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