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Griffen Combo radiator/ fan, relay or factory wiring?

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I just bit the bullet and installed a Griffen Combo radiator in my 2000 WJ 4.0. Should I just power the aftermarket fan with the factory fan circuit or install a relay? Thoughts?
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I removed the Griffin "shroud" and Spal fan and reinstalled the factory shroud
I did this on a 2005 3.7L (WK). Not Griffin, some el-cheap-o Amazon radiator and a simple fan with a controller. Same as Nkmaynard, rising temps and then a trans overtemp. Since the fan was part of the shroud, it was removed with the old fan and a weird "half" shroud came with the new fan. Fortunately I hadn't ditched the old parts yet, and I ended up hacking the fan off the OEM shroud, chopping the half shroud off the new fan, and reinstalling the OEM shroud. Was probably all shroud, but I used the factory hook up vs the supplied controller after that anyway. No issues after that, that is until some useless waste of human space totaled it in a hit and run...
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