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Great customer svc+Great prices??? Factory Chrysler needs this guy

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Two years after ordering...Kolak calls me back 2 minutes after I sent pm; so that I may use my limited mechanical vocabulary to describe what I am my WJ to stop doing. He never made me feel like an idiot or that I was bothering him (at 8:00pm on a Monday night) with these elementary questions. I also own a business and let me tell you, customer service is often forgotten (in any industry) as a small business grows into a medium business. I am not in the habit of pouring sunshine; but give credit where credit is due. I mean, how many other small business owners will search the web for you (while on phone); then decline to take an order because he thinks amazon prime's free shipping is the way to go (skid plates).

In addition to his customer service, his prices are terrific. Truth is, Monday evening phone calls are not easy....with a 13 year old trying to explain why he was in trouble at school, a 6 year old princess asking how long until I'm ready to play, and wifey being...well wifey. Suffice to say, I was an easy mark for him last night. He named a price, and I agreed. I didn't have time to search the internet for +/- $100 differences; let alone when I don't know what parts I needed to solve the issues I was having. He was nice enough to search while talking to me; state other vendor's prices then undercut all of them. That type of trustworthy service is why a buyer should make an attempt to buy American products (if there are any) and second support small businessmen who do their best to survive in the "get it cheaper on ebay" world we live in. The dollars you spend go so much farther than fulfilling your temporal wants/needs.

His customer service and integrity show his priority is earning your business; not earning the most profit from a specific transaction. BRAVO brother. Please feel free to closeup shop and go to work for Chrysler; they need some help in the Hellcat order fulfillment department (1yr 2mos after I originally ordered:).

I am sure I wasn't supposed to post a new thread for this and should of posted it on someone else's feedback thread. But, I was so pleased w/the experience this deserved its own thread AND who has time to look for the "right way" to do things:)...:tea: