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You're dealing with two separate things at the same time. First things first, have someone help you get the car started by jump starting or charging the dead battery. Ask a neighbor to help. Connect their battery to yours and have them start their car. Leave yours off for about 10 minutes to pick up a surface charge.

Then try starting. See if the key works.

I've successfully started my 2008 with dead fob batteries. I couldn't unlock the doors with the fob but when inserted it into the ignition, the car did start. Maybe the part you broke off didn't impact the proximy function of the fob (used to be called Sentry Key).

It might help to update your location (rough city) in the event a member is near you and has a tool to program keys like 90grandoneer stated. If you're in the Northern VA area could do it with my Autel DS708.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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