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I apologize if this is the incorrect place to create this, I have looked all over for an answer and cannot seem to find anything regarding the 2008 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee on this (there are a bunch of older as well as newer broken key fob tips but I cannot find any with this specific key fob),

My 2008 Jeep Grand cherokee's Key Fob broke in my infinite wisdom to replace the key battery (when in fact the cars battery was dead for not starting it in months), and while replacing the battery a part of the circuit board came flying off and I am unable to locate it. Because of this, the key fob is broken leaving me with the integrated/valet key and the fob. Is there a way to start the car with just the valet key?

I have seen lots of videos/tips that you can start the vehicle with a dead key fob by placing it above the start engine button, but in the 2008 jeep it uses a Wireless Ignition Node, and not a button. I have tried finding an answer to this, and cannot, so any advice or answer will greatly be helpful! I have even read through the owners manual key part multiple times now, and idk if I am missing something or it does not say.

I am looking to replace my car battery soon, and would really like to know if I need to get it towed and get a replacement key as well instead of jumped, started with the broken fob, and taken to an autozone for a new battery for me to get a replacement key later (so I at least have a running car, and don't need it towed).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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